Skilled Worker Immigration Canada

September 25, 2014 Immigration Bonds

Skilled workers and their families make up the majority of immigrants who enter Canada annually. These individuals are chosen because they possess specific skills that Canada is lacking within its own labor pool. A Canadian Immigration Lawyer is aware that by filling in these gaps in the labor force, Skilled Workers help provide a boost to the economy and the society of Canada.

Applicants looking to come to Canada under the Canada Skilled Worker Immigration category must pass a point system test. Six factors are tested as a part of point system and a score is assigned to each. To qualify for entry under Skilled Worker category the person must at least meet the minimum total passing score.

In general terms, for a person to obtain the 67 necessary points the applicant will need at least a 2-year college degree, four years of work experience in specific skill, be less than 50 years of age, and have excellent command of either English or French language.

How Can a Canada Immigration Lawyer Help with Skilled Worker Immigration?

Secured Employment

Skilled Worker applicants can get a Canadian company to extend offer of employment in job where their skill is required. The company must go through steps of having the job verified by the Canadian Human Resources Department. Applicants can be qualified even if job doesn’t fall into one specified on the list of 38 high need occupations. Keep in mind, the work experience of applicant must still qualify as skilled for approval.

Student or Worker for at least 1 year

If a Skilled Worker applicant has either studied or worked in Canada for a year or more full time, they can qualify even if their particular occupation doesn’t appear on list of 38 high need occupations. Applicants will still be required to show that their work experience qualifies as skilled.

List of 29 High Demand Occupations

Released on June 26, 2010, the list of High Demand Occupations may change based on the changing needs of the labor market in Canada. An applicant who has a minimum of one year of experience in any field shown on the list within past 10 years will qualify under Skilled Worker category provided they also reach the 67 points needed to pass the test.

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Additional Requirements and other notes

In addition to the requirements that must be met in order to qualify for the Skilled Worker category there are other criteria that must be met. Like all other applications for permanent residency, an applicant (and their family) must have no prior criminal history and be in good health.

The application will be submitted and handled by the Canadian embassy or consulate in the applicant’s home country. Your Canada Immigration Lawyer will advise you to be prepared to go in for an interview with a visa officer. Also, processing of your application may take up to one year, so be prepared to wait for a visa to be issued even if you are approved.