Why a Regular Business Plan Won’t Help With Your Visa Application

Creating an E2 visa business plan for the government isn’t easy.  Most people think that a visa application doesn’t need a business plan but it does if you plan to set up or invest in a business in the United States of America.  It doesn’t actually matter what type of business you might have or want to set up, you need a good business plan because a regular plan won’t work.  However, why won’t a regular business plan help you with your visa application?

It Covers Factors a Normal Business Plan Won’t

Let’s face it, a business plan or regular one is going to be good but it won’t actually help your visa application.  The reason why is simply because an L1 or E2 visa business plan or whatever type of visa you hope to get, needs something more detailed and explanatory to present your case to the immigration authorities.  It cannot be a simple business plan because it doesn’t hold enough evidence of the business or the true intentions.  What needs to be covered?

  • How Many Workers You Will Hire From The Local Area?
  • How Will You Contribute To The American Government & Economy?
  • How Long Do You Plan To Stay In The Country?
  • Why Will Your Business Venture Be Successful?
  • Will You Be Managing Employees or Will This Just Provide Enough Income For You To Live On?

These are the typical things that are well detailed in any business plan that accompanies a visa application into the US.  It doesn’t really matter what type of visa you want either because the business plan needs to cover all factors and be well detailed and clear too.  Creating a Florida business plan for E2 visa applicants isn’t easy but it’s important to get right.

Regular Business Plans Are Too Short

In most cases, a normal business plan will be maybe five to ten pages and won’t go into great detail.  However, with a visa business plan, it absolutely needs to be extremely detailed and very long.  Usually, E2 Visa business plan along with the EB5 business plan covers between fifteen to twenty pages in length and in most cases adds things such as charts, a company description, and executive summary and marketing plans too.  Of course, a regular plan can offer these but not in great details.

Financial Projections for the Next Five Years

This can be the hardest part of the business plan but it’s one of the most important.  In many business plans, regular plans, the projects cover the first year or two, but the visa business plans will cover a substantial longer period.  A Florida business plan for E2 visa must have a financial project for the next three to five years because that’s how long initially the applicant can remain in the US for.

Don’t Get Panicked

In most cases, a specialist business plan writer is needed because they can delve deeper into the idea of the business and get the relevant information there on paper.  Some business owners end up putting the wrong type of information into their predictions and end up getting rejected so it will be important to get a competent writer.  However, it’s important not to panic and take your time getting a Business plan for E2 visa together, because at the end of the day, the future of you and your family is at stake.